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Edinburgh Greement (2012)

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The Edinburgh Agreement (Scots: Edinburgh Greement) (fu title: Agreement between the United Kingdom Government and the Scottish Government on a referendum on independence for Scotland; Scots: Greement atween the Unitit Kinrick Govrenment an the Scots Govrenment on a referendum on independence for Scotland) is the greement atween the Scots Govrenment an the Unitit Kinrick Govrenment, signt on 15 October 2012 at Saunt Andra's Hoose, Edinburgh, on the terms for the Scots unthirldom referendum.[1]

Baith govrenments gree’d that the referendum shoud:

  • hae a clear legal base
  • be legislatit for bi the Scots Pairlament
  • be conductit sae as tae commaund the confidence o pairlaments, govrenments an fowk
  • pit forrit a fair test an decisive expression o the views o the fowk in Scotland an a ootcome that awbody will respeck

The greement wis signit bi:

The govrenments gree’d tae promuive an Order in Council unner Section 30 o the Scotland Act 1998 tae allou a single-quaisten referendum on Scots unthirldom tae be haudit afore the end o 2014 sae as tae pit ayont doot that the Scots Pairlament can legislate for the referendum.[2] The Scots Govrenment legistlatit on:

  • the date o the referendum
  • the actual vote
  • the wirdin o the quaisten tae be asked
  • rules fur campaign financin
  • sindry ither rules fur the conduct o the referendum[1]

In the greement, baith pairties gree’d that the referendum shoud be owerseen by an impairtial electoral commission. The commission wid comment on the wirdin o the quaisten, register campaigners, pit forrit heid campaigners, regulate campaign spendin an finances, gie grants tae campaign organisations, mak guidelines fur participants in the referendum, report on the referendum process, conduct the poll, an annoonce the results.[3]

The Order in Council wis grantit on 12 Februar 2013, pittin constitutional legitimacy on the referendum haudit on 18 September 2014.[4]

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