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Edgar Minas Housepian (New York City 18 Mairch 1928(1928-03-18)Englewood, New Jersey (2014-11-14)14 November 2014) wis a neurosurgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital, a professor o neurosurgery at Columbia Varsity Medical School for almaist 60 years wha wrate mair nor 100 airticles anent neurosurgery, an a foonder o the Fund frae Armenie Relief. At Columbia he wis makit the Dean’s special advisor frae internaitional affiliations, affiliatin wi varsities an students on five continents tae create eddicational opportunities that 60% o Columbia’s medical students were takkin advantage o bi the time o his daith.[1] He wis the son o Dr. Moses Housepian an the brither o the author Marjorie Housepian Dobkin.[2]

In response tae the 1988 Armenie yirdquauk Dr. Housepian an twa ither Armenie-Americans, Airchbishop Torkom Manoogian o the Armenie Kirk an the bigger Kevork Hovnanian, creatit the Fund frae Armenie Relief.[3]

He receivit dozens of awairds an honours, includin the Presidential Citation o the Republic o Armenie in 1994; an Honorar Doctorate o Science frae the Armenie Naitional Academy o Sciences an an Honorar Doctorate o Medicine frae Yerevan State Medical Varsity in 1997; the Humanitarian Awaird o the American Association o Neurological Surgeons in 2002; an the Dr. Edgar Housepian Professorship in Neurological Surgery at Columbia Varsity Medical School, establisht bi the varsity's buird o trustees an cried in his honour.[4]

In 2019 the Edgar Housepian Neurology an Neurosurgery Centre wis appent at Arabkir Plus Medical Centre in Yerevan, Armenie. In addition tae bein cried efter him the facility haes a bust o Dr. Housepian sculptit bi his dochter, Jean Housepian.[5]

Jean Housepian & her brither Dr. David Hovsepian at Arabkir Plus Medical Centre wi her bust o their faither

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