Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe
BornEdgar Poe
19 Januar 1809(1809-01-19)
Boston, Massachusetts, Unitit States
Dee'd7 October 1849(1849-10-07) (aged 40)
Baltimore, Maryland, Unitit States
SpooseVirginia Eliza Clemm Poe


Edgar Allan Poe (born Edgar Poe; 19 Januar 1809 – 7 October 1849) wis a American author, poet, editor, an leeeterary creetic, considered pairt o the American Romantic Muivement. Best kent for his tales o meestery an the macabre, Poe wis ane o the earliest American practitioners o the short story an is generally considered the inventor o the detective feection genre. He is further creditit wi contributin tae the emergin genre o science feection.[1] He wis the first well-kent American writer tae try tae earn a livin throu writin alane, resultin in a financially difficult life an career.[2]

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