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Totality durin the 1999 sin eclipse. Sin prominences can be seen alang the limb (i rid) sae weel as extensive coronal filaments.
The shaddae o a eclipse on the Yird as seen frae ooter space

A eclipse is a astronomical event at occurs whan an astronomical object or spacecraft is temporar obscured, by passin intae the shaddae o anither body or by haein anither body pass atween it an the viewer. This alignment o three celestial objecks is kent as a syzygy. A eclipse is the eftercast o owther an occultation (haillie hidden) or a transit (pairtlie hidden). A "deep eclipse" (or "deep occultation") is whan a wee astronomical objeck is ahint a muckler ane.[1][2]

Teeps[eedit | eedit soorce]

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