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Eccentricity (mathematics)

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Aw types o conic sections, arranged wi increasin eccentricity. Note that curvature decreases wi eccentricity, an that none o these curves intersect.

In mathematics, the eccentricity, denotit e or , is a parameter associated wi every conic section. It can be thoucht o as a measur o hou much the conic section deviates frae bein circular.

In pairticular,

  • The eccentricity o a circle is zero.
    Ellipses, hyperbolas wi aw possible eccentricites frae zero tae infinity an a parabola on ane cubic surface.
  • The eccentricity o an ellipse which is nae a circle is greater nor zero but less nor 1.
  • The eccentricity o a parabola is 1.
  • The eccentricity o a hyperbola is greater nor 1.

Furthermore, twa conic sections are seemilar if an anly if thay hae the same eccentricity.