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The title Earl of Kellie or Kelly is ane o the peerage titles o in the Peerage o Scotland, creatit in 1619 for Sir Thomas Erskine, who wis Caiptain o the Guard an Groom o the Stool for James VI.[1] It is named efter the Barony o Kellie in Fife, Scotland.

The Earldom o Kellie wis unitit wi the Earldom o Mar in 1835, when the twintie-saxt Earl o Mar became an aa the eleivent Earl o Kellie. At the daith o that Earl in 1866, the Earldom o Kellie an the family's estates passed tae Walter Erskine, the cousin o the late Earl, an his heir-male. Meanwhile, it wis assumed that the Earldom o Mar passed tae John Francis Goodeve, the late Earl's nephew, an his heir-general. Goodeve chynged his name tae Goodeve Erskine; his claim wis agreed upon bi maist individuals. He even participated in the election o representative peers for the Peerage o Scotland.

Housomeivver, the Earl o Kellie submittit a petition tae the House of Lords askin that the Earldom o Mar be declared his, dyin afore it coud be considered. His son, the thirteent Earl of Kellie, renewed the petition, and the Lords decidit the matter in 1875, determinin that the Earldom o Mar properly belanged tae the Earl o Kellie. Housomeivver, due tae a sentiment that the Lords haed decidit wrangly, the Earldom o Mar Restitution Act wis passed. That Act declared that there wur twa Earldoms o Mar — ane that wad belang tae the Earl o Kellie, an anither that wad belang tae John Goodeve Erskine. For further details, see Earl o Mar.

The subsidiary titles belangin tae the Earl o Mar and Kellie are: Viscoont o Fentoun or Fenton (creatit 1606), Lord Erskine (1429) an Lord Erskine o Dirleton (1603), the umwhile o which is uised as a courtesy title for the eldest son an heir o the Earl. Baith titles are in the Peerage o Scotland. The Earl is Hereditary Keeper o Stirling Castle.

Earls o Kellie (1619)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The heir presumptive is the Earl's brither the Hon. Alexander David Erskine, Maister o Mar (b. 1952).

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