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The title Yerl o Kellie or Kelly is ane o the peerage titles o in the Peerage o Scotland, creatit in 1619 for Sir Thomas Erskine, who wis Caiptain o the Guard an Groom o the Stool for James VI.[1] It is named efter the Barony o Kellie in Fife, Scotland.

The Yerldom o Kellie wis unitit wi the Yerldom o Mar in 1835, when the twintie-saxt Yerl o Mar became an aa the eleivent Yerl o Kellie. At the daith o that Yerl in 1866, the Yerldom o Kellie an the faimily's estates passed tae Walter Erskine, the cousin o the late Yerl, an his heir-male. Meanwhile, it wis assumed that the Yerldom o Mar passed tae John Francis Goodeve, the late Yerl's nephew, an his heir-general. Goodeve chynged his name tae Goodeve Erskine; his claim wis agreed upon bi maist individuals. He even pairticipatit in the election o representative peers for the Peerage o Scotland.

Housomeivver, the Yerl o Kellie submittit a petition tae the House of Lords askin that the Earldom o Mar be declared his, dyin afore it coud be considered. His son, the thirteent Yerl o Kellie, renewed the petition, an the Lords decidit the matter in 1875, determinin that the Yerldom o Mar properly belanged tae the Yerl o Kellie. Housomeivver, due tae a sentiment that the Lords haed decidit wrangly, the Earldom o Mar Restitution Act wis passed. That Act declared that there wur twa Yerldoms o Mar — ane that wad belang tae the Yerl o Kellie, an anither that wad belang tae John Goodeve Erskine. For further details, see Yerl o Mar.

The subsidiar titles belangin tae the Yerl o Mar an Kellie are: Viscoont o Fentoun or Fenton (creatit 1606), Lord Erskine (1429) an Lord Erskine o Dirleton (1603), the umwhile o which is uised as a courtesy title for the eldest son an heir o the Earl. Baith titles are in the Peerage o Scotland. The Earl is Hereditary Keeper o Stirling Castle.

Yerls o Kellie (1619)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The heir presumptive is the Earl's brither the Hon. Alexander David Erskine, Maister o Mar (b. 1952).

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