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Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, or ETA (Inglis: Basque Homeland and Freedom; Scots:Basque Hameland an Freedom") is an airmed Basque naitionalist an separatist organisation. The group wis foondit in 1959 an haes syne evolved frae a group promotin traditional Basque cultur tae a paramilitary group wi the goal o gainin unthirldom for the Greater Basque Kintra frae a Marxist-Leninist perspective. ETA is the main organisation o the Basque Naitional Leeberation Movement an is the maist important participant in the Basque conflict.

ETA's motto is Bietan jarrai ("Keep up on baith"), referrin tae the twa figures in its seembol, a snake (representin politics) wrapped aroond an axe (representin airmed struggle).

Syne 1968, ETA haes killed ower 800 individuals, injured thoosans an unnertaken dozens o kidnappins. The group is proscribed as a terrorist organization bi the Spainyie an French authority, as well as the European Union as a whole, an the Unitit States. This convention is follaed bi a plurality o domestic an internaitional media, which an aa refer tae the group as "terrorists". Mair nor 700 members o the organization are incarceratit in preesons in Spain, Fraunce, an ather kintras.