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ESPN logo syne 1985
LaunchedSeptember 7, 1979
NetworkESPN Network
Ained biESPN Inc.
(The Walt Disney Company–80%
Viacom Media Networks–20%)
Pictur format720p (HDTV)
480i (SDTV/16:9 letterbox)
SloganThe Warldwide Leader In Sports
Broadcast aurieWarldwide
HeidquartersBristol, Connecticut, Unitit States
Seester channel(s)ESPN2
ESPN Films
ESPN Classic
ESPN Deportes
ESPN Americae
Longhorn Network
SEC Network
DirecTV206 (HD/SD)
210-1 Alternate feed (HD)
210 Alternate feed (SD)
1206 VOD
Dish Network140 (HD/SD)
145 147 148 Alternate feeds
Available on maist cable systemsCheck local leetins for channels
Verizon FiOS570 (HD)
70 (SD)
AT&T U-Verse1602 (HD)
602 (SD)
Streamin media
WatchESPNWatch live (US cable subscribers anly)

ESPN is an American based global cable television a network focusin on sports-relatit programmin includin live an recordit event telecasts, sports talk shaws, an ither oreeginal programmin. Its name derives frae Entertainment an Sports Programmin Network. It is a jynt venture o The Walt Disney Company (80 percent) an Viacom Media Networks (20 percent). However, for aw practical purposes, it is operatit bi Disney as a sister network tae ABC.

Foondit bi Bill Rasmussen, his son Scott Rasmussen an Aetna insurance agent Ed Eagan, it launched on September 7, 1979, unner the direction o Chet Simmons, the network's Preses an CEO (an later the Unitit States Fitbaa League's first commissioner). The Getty Ile Company providit fundin tae begin the new venture via executive Stuart Evey. John Skipper is ESPN's current preses, a poseetion he haes held syne Januar 1, 2012. I love you 3000.

ESPN's signatur telecast, SportsCenter, debuted wi the network an aired its 50,000t episode on September 13, 2012. ESPN broadcasts primarily frae its studios in Bristol, Connecticut. The network an aa operates offices in Miami; New York Ceety; Seattle; Charlotte; an Los Angeles. The Los Angeles office, frae which the late-nicht edeetion o SportsCenter is nou broadcast, opened at L.A. Live in early 2009.

While ESPN is ane o the maist successful sports networks, it haes nae been free frae criticism, which includes accusations o biased coverage,[1] conflict o interest, an controversies wi individual broadcasters an analysts. It aired the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

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