Dunbaur Castle

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Dunbaur Castle
Dunbaur, East Lowden, Scotland
Dunbar Harbour and Castle, 1987.jpg
Dunbaur herbour an castle ruins
Dunbaur Castle is locatit in East Lowden
Dunbaur Castle
Dunbaur Castle
Coordinates 56°00′20″N 2°31′03″W / 56.0056°N 2.5176°W / 56.0056; -2.5176Coordinates: 56°00′20″N 2°31′03″W / 56.0056°N 2.5176°W / 56.0056; -2.5176
Grid reference grid reference NT67827930
Teep Castle o enceinte
Site information
Open tae
the public
Condeetion Ruined
Site history
Biggit first stane castle c.1070
Biggit bi Gospatric, Yerl o Northumbrie
In use Till 1567

Dunbaur Castle is the remnants o ane o the strangest fortresses in Scotland, situatit in a prominent poseetion owerleukin the herbour o the toun o Dunbaur, in East Lowden.