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Duke University
Umwhile names
  • Brown School (1838–1841)
  • Union Institute (1841–1851)
  • Normal College (1851–1859)
  • Trinity College (1859–1924)
MottoEruditio et Religio (Laitin)[1]
Motto in Scots
Knowledge and Faith[2]
AffiliationUnitit Methodist Kirk ties, but nonsectarian an independent[3]
Endowment$6.0 billion (The varsity is an aa the primary beneficiary (32%) o the independent $3 billion Duke Endowment)[4]
PresesRichard H. Brodhead
Academic staff
3,262 (Hairst 2012)[4]
Admeenistrative staff
  • 8,280 Campus Employees
  • 35,510 Total including Duke University Health System (Dec. 2012)[4]
Students14,600 (Hairst 2013)[4]
Unnergraduates6,495 (Hairst 2013)[4]
Postgraduates8,105 (Hairst 2013)[4]
LocationDurham, North Carolina, Unitit States
36°0′4″N 78°56′20″W / 36.00111°N 78.93889°W / 36.00111; -78.93889Coordinates: 36°0′4″N 78°56′20″W / 36.00111°N 78.93889°W / 36.00111; -78.93889
  • Urban
  • 8,470 acres (34.3 km2)
  Duke blue an white[5]
AthleticsNCAA Division I FBS; ACC
26 varsity teams
NicknameBlue Devils
AffiliationsAAU, COFHE, 568 Group, URA, CDIO

Duke University is a private research varsity locatit in Durham, North Carolina, Unitit States.

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