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Location o the Municipality o Kaldrananeshreppur
Location o the Municipality o Kaldrananeshreppur
Kintra  Iceland
Constituency[1] Norðvesturkjördæmi
Region[2] Vestfirðir
Coonty Strandasýsla
Municipality Kaldrananeshreppur
Population (January 2011)
 • Tot 67
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
Website Offeecial wabsteid

Drangsnes is a smaw toun in the wastren pairt o Iceland, at the mooth o Steingrímsfjörður an near Hólmavík.

It is pairt o the Kaldrananeshreppur municipality an anerly haes 67 inhabitants (2011 census). It got its name frae a tall rock namit Kerling o wha is said that it is ane o three troll weemen who tree'd tae separate the Wast Fjords frae the rest o Iceland.

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Coordinates: 65°41′N 21°27′W / 65.683°N 21.450°W / 65.683; -21.450