Dragon America

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The front batter o Dragon America

Dragon America (Scots: Draigon Americae) is a beuk bi Mike Resnik. The beuk coud be cried a historic fantasie acause it comes on in throu the American Revolution anerly it haes draigons helpin.

Story[eedit | eedit soorce]

While George Washington is waitin for fuid an wappens, he gies a hott o time swickin the Breetish Airmie uisin fabelt sey-cleishers. Forbye Daniel Boone gangs leukin for Muckle Draigons tae help on the Americans' side, efter he finds that his adoptit faither (Blackfish) wadna gie ower twa thoosand fowk tae weir.

The beuk haes juist been setten furth in the Unitit States, an micht be oot in the UK.