Downtown Los Angeles

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Downtown Los Angeles
JewelryDistLA-042801.JPGArtist District, Los Angeles, California, 05-29-2001.jpg
L.A Financial district.JPGLosAngeles06.jpg
Downtown LA Sunset.jpgLos Angeles Skyline at Night.jpg
Frae tap doun, left tae richt: Downtown's Jewelry District in Mey 2001, Downtown's Arts District in Mey 2001, Downtown's Financial District in Julie 2001, Downtown L.A. in Apryle 2002, Downtown Los Angeles in Mey 2002, an Downtown L.A. in November 2008.
"Downtown L.A.", "DTLA",[1] "Downtown"
Freeway map of the Los Angeles area showing Downtown LA
Freeway map of the Los Angeles area showing Downtown LA
Downtown map as delineatit bi the Los Angeles Times
Downtown map as delineatit bi the Los Angeles Times
Coordinates: 34°03′25″N 118°14′17″W / 34.057°N 118.238°W / 34.057; -118.238
Kintra Unitit States o Americae
State Californie
Coonty Los Angeles
Ceety Los Angeles
Downtown destricts

Downtown Los Angeles is the central business destrict o Los Angeles, Californie, as well as a diverse residential neebourheid o some 50,000 fowk. A 2013 study foond that the destrict is hame tae ower 500,000 jobs.[2]

A heritage o the ceety's foondin in 1781, Downtown Los Angeles the day is componit o different auries rangin frae a fashion destrict tae a skid row, an it is the hub o the ceety's Metro rapid transit seestem. Banks, depairtment stores an movie pailaces at ane time drew residents an visitors intae the aurie, but the destrict declined economically an suffered a dounturn for decades till its recent renaissance stairtin in the early 2000s: Auld biggins are bein modifee'd for new uisses, an skyscrapers hae been biggit. Downtown Los Angeles is kent for its govrenment biggins, pairks, theaters an ither public places.

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