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Airms o the Heid o the Douglas-Hamiltons, the Duke o Hamilton

Douglas-Hamilton is the family surname o the Dukes o Hamilton an Earls o Selkirk. The name oreeginates frae the marriage o Anne Hamilton, 3rd Duchess o Hamilton tae William Douglas, 1st Earl o Selkirk in 1656. Anne wis Duchess in her awn richt an heid o the "Hoose o Hamilton". William wis a yunger son o the Marquess o Douglas.

Upon the daith o a cousin, the Duke o Douglas, in 1761 athoot heir, his subsidiary titles an the nominal seniority o the "Hoose o Douglas", wur devolved ontae the 7t Duke o Hamilton.

These titles are:

Marquess o Douglas
Yerl o Angus
Laird Abernethy an Jedburgh Forest

The Airms o the Heid o the Hoose are:

Quarterly; 1st an 4t grandquarters, coonterquartered (i) an (iv) Gules, three cinquefoils Ermine (for Hamilton), (ii) an (iii) Argent, a lymphad Sable, sails furled proper, flagged-Gules (for The Isles (Arran)); 2nt an 3rd grandquarters, Argent, a man's hert Gules ensigned wi an imperial croun proper, on a chief Azure three stars o the First (for Douglas).