Donna Douglas

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Donna Douglas in 1967.

Donna Douglas (born Doris Smith; September 26, 1932 – Januar 1, 2015) wis an American actress. She wis best kent for her role as Elly Mey Clampett in the CBS televeesion series The Beverly Hillbillies frae 1962 tae 1971. She an aa appearit in the series The Twilight Zone an the movie Frankie and Johnny (1966), alongside Elvis Presley.

Douglas wis born in Pride, Louisiana. She haed a son, Danny P. Bourgeois (born September 14, 1954), an wis marrit twice baith endin in divorce.

Douglas de'ed frae pancreatic cancer on Januar 1, 2015 in Zachary, Louisiana, agit 82.[1]

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