Dong Hoi Airport

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Dong Hoi Airport
Sân bay Đồng Hới
Cảng hàng không Đồng Hới
Vietnam Airlines' Airbus A320 at Dong Hoi Airport
  • ICAO:
    VDH is locatit in Vietnam
    Location o airport in Vietnam
Airport teep Public
Awner Airports Corporation o Vietnam
Operator Airports Corporation o Vietnam
Serves Dong Hoi
Location Dong Hoi
Elevation AMSL 59 ft / 18 m
Coordinates 17°30′54″N 106°35′26″E / 17.51500°N 106.59056°E / 17.51500; 106.59056Coordinates: 17°30′54″N 106°35′26″E / 17.51500°N 106.59056°E / 17.51500; 106.59056
Wabsteid Airports Corporation of Vietnam
Direction Lenth Surface
ft m
11/29 7,874 2,400 Concrete
Statistics (2011 (estimatit))
Aircraft movement 1,025
passgenger volume 70,500
Dong Hoi Airport is locatit in Vietnam
Dong Hoi
Dong Hoi
Dong Hoi Airport an the nearest twa airports (Vinh aboot 195 km (121 mi) tae the north) an Phu Bai-Hue), aboot 172 km (107 mi) tae the sooth awey bi road

Dong Hoi Airport is an airport in Đồng Hới, Quang Binh, Vietnam, 500 km sooth Hanoi, 6 km north Đồng Hới. It haes runway 2,400 m x 45 m.

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