Dominic Grieve

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The Richt Honourable
Dominic Grieve
Dominic Grieve.jpg
Attorney General for Ingland an Wales
Advocate General for Northren Ireland
Assumed office
12 Mey 2010
Prime Meenister David Cameron
Precedit bi The Baroness Scotland o Asthal
Shadow Secretar o State for Justice
Shadow Lord Chancellor
In office
19 January 2009 – 11 Mey 2010
Leader David Cameron
Precedit bi Nick Herbert
Succeeded by Jack Straw
Shadow Home Secretary
In office
12 Juin 2008 – 19 Januar 2009
Leader David Cameron
Precedit bi David Davis
Succeeded by Chris Grayling
Shadow Attorney General
In office
6 November 2003 – 7 September 2009
Leader Michael Howard
David Cameron
Precedit bi Bill Cash
Succeeded by Edward Garnier
Member o Parliament
for Beaconsfield
Assumed office
1 Mey 1997
Precedit bi Tim Smith
Majority 21,782 (41.5%)
Personal details
Born Dominic Charles Roberts Grieve
24 Mey 1956 (1956-05-24) (age 59)
Lambeth, Lunnon, Ingland
Poleetical pairty Conservative
Spoose(s) Caroline Hutton
Childer 2
Alma mater Magdalen College, Oxford
Polytechnic o Central Lunnon
Middle Temple
Releegion Church o Ingland

Dominic Charles Robert Grieve (born 24 Mey 1956) is an Inglis politeecian, an a member o the Unitit Kinrick pairlament at Wastmeinster, representin the Conservative Pairty. He represents the Beaconsfield consteetuency in the Hoose o Commons.