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Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Tree o Life, the icon o Disney's Animal Kingdom.
LocationWalt Disney World Resort, Bay Lake, Florida, U.S.
Coordinates28°21′29″N 81°35′24″W / 28.358°N 81.59°W / 28.358; -81.59
ThemeAinimal conservation
AinerThe Walt Disney Company
Operatit biWalt Disney Parks and Resorts
OpenedAprile 22, 1998[1]
Operatin saisonYear-roond
WabsteidOfficial website

Disney's Animal Kingdom is the fowert o fower theme pairks biggit at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, opened on Yird Day, Aprile 22, 1998. It is the lairgest single Disney, Disneyland theme pairk in the world, coverin 580 acre (230 ha),[2] an is an aa the first Disney theme pairk tae be themed entirely aroond ainimal conservation, a philosophy ance pioneered bi Walt Disney himsel.[3] Disney's Animal Kingdom is accreditit bi the Association o Zoos an Aquariums an the Warld Association o Zoos an Aquariums, meanin thay hae met or exceediy the staundarts in eddication, conservation, an research.[4] In 2011, the pairk hostit approximately 9.8 million guests, rankin it the fowert-maist veesitit amusement pairk in the Unitit States an seivent-maist veesited in the warld.[5]

The pairk is representit bi The Tree of Life, a sculptit 145 feet (44 m), 50-foot-wide (15 m) airtifeecial tree.

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