Destricts o Albanie

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Albanie is dividit intae 36 destricts, or rrethe. Destricts are groupit intae coonties or prefecturs, o which thare are 12. The destricts are:

Historic[eedit | eedit soorce]

Durin the 1920s, Albanie haed 39 destricts an then 26 in 1939. Frae 1959 tae 1991, Albanie wis organisit intae 26 destricts. In 1991, ten mair wur addit: Bulqizë (previously unner Dibër), Delvinë (Vlorë), Devoll (Korçë), Has (Kukës), Kavajë (Durrës), Kuçovë (Berat), Kurbin (Krujë), Malësi e Madhe (Shkodër), Mallakastër (Fier) an Peqin (Elbasan); givin the map we have the day: Albania Counties. In 1978, Ersekë Destrict wis renamit tae Kolonjë.

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