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Denizciler is located in Turkey
Location in Turkey
Coordinates: 36°39′N 36°13′E / 36.650°N 36.217°E / 36.650; 36.217
Kintra Turkey
ProvinceHatay Province
60 m (190 ft)
 • Total17,154
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)0326
Licence plate31

Denizciler (literally "Seamen") is a toun in İskenderun destrict o Hatay Province , Turkey. It is a coastal toun situatit on the east coast line o the Mediterranean Sea at 36°39′N 36°13′E / 36.650°N 36.217°E / 36.650; 36.217. It is on Turkis state heich-gate D.817 which connects İskenderun tae north. The distance tae İskenderun is 9 kilometre (5.6 mi) an tae Antakya (province centre) is 65 kilometre (40 mi). The population is o Denizciler is 17154 [1] as o 2011. Denizciler is a recent toun. It wis formit bi mergin several dounsets in 1987. [2] There are several ceevil an militar offices an smaw ports in an aroond Denizciler, the maist important ane bein Isdemir a major steel producer situatit tae the north o Denziciler. Thus services in an aroond the toun constitute the main revenue o the toun. Denizciler is popular wi the retired fowk an aw.

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