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A snaw-covered, gently slopin muntain is in the backgrund, wi a loch in the foregrund
Denali frae the north. Wonder Lake is in the foregrund.
Heichest pynt
Elevation 20,237 ft (6,168 m)  NGVD 29.[2][3]
Prominence 20,073 ft (6,118 m) [4]
Ranked 3rd
Isolation 7,450 kilometres (4,630 mi)
Coordinates 63°04′10″N 151°00′27″W / 63.0695°N 151.0074°W / 63.0695; -151.0074Coordinates: 63°04′10″N 151°00′27″W / 63.0695°N 151.0074°W / 63.0695; -151.0074[5]
Denali is locatit in Alaska
Location Denali Naitional Pairk an Preserve, Alaska, US
Parent range Alaska Range
Topo map USGS Mt. McKinley A-3
First ascent Juin 7, 1913 by
Hudson Stuck,
Harry Karstens,
Walter Harper
an Robert Tatum
Easiest route Wast Buttrage Route (glacier/snow climb)

Denali is the heichest moontain peak in North Americae, wi a summit elevation o 20,237 feet (6,168 m) abuin sea level.

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