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Location athin the state o Jalisco
Location athin the state o Jalisco
Jalisco's location athin Mexico
Jalisco's location athin Mexico
Kintra  Mexico
State Jalisco
Municipality Degollado
Foondit 1848 (Toribio de Bolaños)
 • Mayor LAE Juan José Serrato Guzmán
Population (2010)
 • Tot 21 132
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
Postal code 47980
Aurie code(s) (52) 345

Degollado is a smaw ceety an Municipality in the eastern hielands o the Mexican State o Jalisco. The municipality encompasses Huascato, Los Ranchitos, La Vibora, Buenos Aires, Las Limas, Altamira, La Chancla an El Corral de Piedra.

In Spainyie, the wird "degollado" means "tae slit ane's throat", "behead", or "decapitate". It is a last name an aw. In this case, the toun wis namit efter a Mexican general, Santos Degollado.[1] A statue of him is in el Jardin de Niños which was made from coins from the townspeople during the early 1960s.

On 24 Dizember 1917, the toun wis unner siege bi the bandit leader J. Inés García Chávez an his men.[2] It wis ane o the places in hielands o Jalisco an aw whaur the Cristero War teuk place durin the 1920s.

Degollado is kent for its cantera. Ane o the best sellin products are stane images o the virgin o Guadalupe an sculpturs, such as foontains, ainimals, an columns. It is kent for alternative treatments (in the Rinconada, Degollado) such as acupunctur, massage an herbal medicine.

The holy patroness o Degollado is Oor Lady o Guadalupe an is celebratit on 12 Dizember.

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Coordinates: 20°28′N 102°09′W / 20.467°N 102.150°W / 20.467; -102.150