Deep Wheel Orcadia

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Deep Wheel Orcadia is a science-fiction novul bi Harry Josephine Giles. It is a verse novul wrate in the Orcadian byleid o the Scots leid alang wi an Inglis owersettin. The beuk won the 2022 Arthur C. Clarke award. It wis furthset bi Picador Poetry in 2021.[1]

Wey o writin[eedit | eedit soorce]

The beuk is wrate in Orcadian verse, wi an Inglis owersettin gien in smaller text.[2] Owersettins fur Orcadian wirds gie sindry possible Inglis wirds in a mellt wird.[3] The Inglis owersettins wis pit in ae wey tae gie tent tae the Orcadian, a technique also uised bi Gaelic makar Rody Gorman.[2]

Awards[eedit | eedit soorce]

The beuk wis on the langleet fur the Highland Book Prize, but wis taen oot bi Giles acause o the lack o minority representation.[4] Deep Wheel Orcadia wis the ae wark widrawn.[5]

In 2022, Deep Wheel Orcadia won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, whaur it wis gien mense fur its writin an uiss o leid.[6]

Reception[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Guardian cried the beuk "a book of astonishments".[7] Monika Armet, scrievin for The Orkney News fund guid comparison atween elements o the story an life on Orkney, siclik bad internet speeds, but felt the endin wis unsatisfyin an the cast leet ower lang.[8]

The Scotsman sayed the beuk "lacked direction" an wis heichly critical o the uiss o Orcadian, cryin it unrealistic.[3]

The heid o the judges fur the Arthur C. Clarke Award descrieved the beuk as "“the sort of book that makes you rethink what science fiction can do and makes the reading experience feel strange in a new and thrilling way. It’s as if language itself becomes the book’s hero and the genre is all the richer for it.”[6]

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