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Map o Debabarrena athin Gipuzkoa.

Debabarrena (Scots: Lawer Deba) is a comarca locatit in Gipuzkoa, Basque Kintra (Spain). It haes a aurie o 180,3 km². It is north frae the comarca o Debagoiena, east from the province o Biscay, an sooth frae the Gulf o Biscay.

The municipalities which compone Debabarrena are Eibar, Placencia de las Armas, Elgoibar, Mendaro, Deba an Mutriku. Eibar is the biggest ane wi aboot 28,000 inhabitants. The seicont biggest ane is Elgoibar, wi aboot 11,000 inhabitants, an the ither municipalities hae less nor 10,000 ceetizens.

Natural environs[eedit | eedit soorce]

Debabarrena is surroondit bi mony muntains, which are no vera heich. The heicher anes hae a hicht o aroond 800 metres. Urko (791 metres), Arno (612 metres) an Andutz (610 metres) are the heichest anes. Aw the region is full o forests an prairies, an haes mony streams an aw, maist o thaim tributars o the Deba river, which names the comarca. These streams are uisually short an hae a heich level o contamination, despite the fact that the level o contamination haes been reducit considerably syne the 1980s.

Mutriku's harbour view

Communication[eedit | eedit soorce]

Debabarrena is locatit in the centre o the Basque Kintra, which benefits the region's communications. The main heich-gate is the AP-8, which connects Debabarrena wi Bilbao an the French border, but the AP-1 an aw, which connects Eibar wi Debagoiena an Álava.

The railwey line that communicates Bilbao an San Sebastian is uised in Deba, Mendaro, Elgoibar an Eibar an aw mainly as a short-distance train. The harbours o Deba an Mutriku are no uised for guids an passengers.

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

The total population o Debabarrena is aboot 72,000 fowk. The ceety wi maist citizens is Eibar, wi nearly 28,000 habitants. Elgoibar is the seicont biggest ane wi 10,000, an the ither smaw touns wi less nor 5,000. Thare is a notable landwart population in the baserri (Basque) or caseríos (Spainyie) an aw, the fermhooses that are teepical o the Basque Kintra.

The region haed aroond 100,000 inhabitants in the 50's an 60's acause o the big industrial development an the resultin immigration. But, the industrial creesis o the 70's an 80's made the population decrease.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The economy o the region is heichly industrial, but the primar sector is notable an aw. In the primar sector, thare is a big nummer o smaw exploitation land, aroond 1,000, maist o thaim for sheeps and bovinae livestock. Fishin is anerly remarkable in Mutriku.

Industry is the primar activity in the region, an mair nor hauf o the population wirks in that aurie. The industrialization wis vera important till the mid-20t hunderyear, when sewin machines an bicycles wur producit, but syne then the metal industry haes haed a vera big importance, thegither wi the automotive industry.

The service sector haes a lot o activity an aw, wi the 40% of population wirkin on it. It is vera remarkable in Eibar, an tourism in Mutriku an Deba.

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Coordinates: 43°14′15″N 2°24′12″W / 43.2376°N 2.4034°W / 43.2376; -2.4034