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Map o Bidasoaldea

Bidasoaldea is ane o the aicht regions o Gipuzkoa, Basque Autonomous Commonty, correspondin tae the basin o the lawer Bidasoa extendin in Gipuzkoan sile an namit efter the river, in Spain. The region comprises twa municipalities, i.e. Hondarribia an Irun. This is the maist easterly laund strip o Gipuzkoa, borderin on the east wi the region o Labourd (Fraunce), on the sooth wi the Bortziria (Navarre), on the wast wi Oarsoaldea an on the north wi the Bay o Biscay.

Coordinates: 43°21′12″N 1°48′33″W / 43.35333°N 1.80917°W / 43.35333; -1.80917