Danuta Szaflarska

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Danuta Szaflarska
Danuta Szaflarska.jpg
Danuta Szaflarska in 2007
Born6 Februar 1915(1915-02-06)
Kosarzyska, Poland
Died19 Februar 2017 (aged 102)
Years active1946–2016
Hauf-marrae(s)Jan Ekier (divorcit)
Janusz Kilański (divorcit)

Danuta Szaflarska (born 6 Februar 1915 in Kosarzyska, Piwniczna-Zdrój, Poland19 Februar 2017) wis a Pols movie an stage actress. She is whiles cried the legend o Pols cinema. In 2008, she wis awardit the Złota Kaczka for the best Pols actress o the century.

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