Danu (Asura)

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Dānu, a Hindu primordial goddess, is mentioned in the Rigveda, mither o the Danavas. The wird Danu describit the primeval watters which this deity aiblins emboukit. In the Rigveda (I.32.9), she is identifee'd as the mither o Vrtra, the demonic serpent slain bi Indra.[1] In later Hinduism, she becomes the dochter o Daksha an the consort o Kasyapa.

As a wird for "rain" or "liquid", dānu is compared tae Avestan dānu "river", an faur tae river names lik Don, Danube, Dneiper, Dniestr, etc. Thare is a Danu river in Nepal an aw. The "liquid" wird is maistly neuter, but appears as feminine in RV 1.54.

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