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Daewoo Tosca

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The Daewoo Tosca is a mid-size caur biggit bi GM Daewoo in Sooth Korea an marketed warldwide bi General Motors (GM) as the Chevrolet Epica, Chevrolet Tosca an Holden Epica. Codenamed V250, it replaces the Daewoo Magnus an its derivatives.[1] The Chevrolet Epica wis offeecially launched in Europe at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.[2] The Tosca is noteworthy in that it is available wi transversely-mounted straight-sax ingines.[3] Contrary tae the precedin models (V100 Leganza an V200 Magnus), which war styled bi Giugiaro, the V250 wis designed entirely in-hoose.[4]

GM Daewoo's offeecial press releases says that Tosca is an acronym for "Tomorrow Standard Caur".


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Daewoo Tosca (Sooth Korea; facelift)

Daewoo's XK straight-sax ingines war designed bi Porsche, an thay ar what distinguish the Tosca frae ither seemilar vehicles. The V250 is a front-wheel drive caur an the ingines ar mounted transversely; this configuration requires the straight-sax ingine tae be vera compact an packed quite ticht. The Tosca wis launched wi twa versions o the straight-sax o different displacements: the 2.5 litre, which wis carried ower frae the Magnus, an a 2.0 litre, which replaces the Holden-soorced 2.0 litre E-TEC II uised in the previous model. Syne 2006, a 1.8 litre version o the E-TEC II ingine model is an aa available in the Sooth Korean mercat. This ingine is coupled tae aither a five-speed manual or fower-speed automatic transmission.

GM an aa annoonced that in early 2007 thir ingines will be jynt bi a 2.0 litre RA 420 SOHC straight-fower common rail turbodiesel, producin 112 kilowatts (150 hp) an 310 newton metres (229 ft·lbf) o torque. The ingine, co-developed bi GM Powertrain, GM Daewoo, an VM Motori, debuted in the Daewoo Winstorm, an wis the first diesel ingine uised in a Daewoo car. In early 2008, Daewoo launched an updatit version o Tosca wi a new sax-speed automatic transmission in Sooth Korea. Thare ar twa versions o sax-speed automatic transmission: GM 6T40 for the 2.0 an 2.5 litre pertrol ingines an GM 6T45 for the 2.0 litre diesel ingine. At the same time, Daewoo an aa revised rear portion o the caur, changin the rear combination lamp an rear bumper.

Ingine Pouer Torque Transmission
1.8 L E-TEC II I4 90 kW (121 hp) 165 N·m (122 lb·ft)
1991 cc RA 420 SOHC I4 (turbodiesel) 110 kW (148 hp) 320 N·m (240 lb·ft)
1993 cc XK I6 104 kW (139 hp) 195 N·m (144 lb·ft)
2492 cc XK I6 115 kW (154 hp) 237 N·m (175 lb·ft)

(Source: Jarosław Maznas. "A teraz Epica (in Pols)". Auto Motor i Sport (June 2006): 50–51.)


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