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For ither uises, see Cuauhtémoc (disambiguation).
11t Tlatoani o Tenochtitlan
Ruler o the Aztec Triple Alliance
Bust of Cuauhtémoc (Zócalo, Mexico City).jpg
Bust o Cuauhtémoc in el Zócalo, Mexico Ceety.
Ring 1520–1521
Predecessor Cuitlahuac
Successor Tlacotzin
Born Circa 1495
Dee'd 28 Februar 1525 (aged 29–30)
Faither Ahuitzotl
Mither Tlilancapatl

Cuauhtémoc (Nahuatl pronunciation: [kʷaːʍˈtemoːk], Aboot this soondkwauˈtemok  kent as Cuauhtemotzin, Guatimozin or Guatemoc an aw; c. 1495) wis the 11t an feenal Aztec emperor, an the Aztec ruler (tlatoani) o Tenochtitlan frae 1520 tae 1521. The name Cuāuhtemōc means "Ane That Haes Descendit Like an Eagle", commonly rendered in Scots as "Descendin Eagle" as in the moment when a eagle faulds its wings an plummets doun tae strike its prey, so this is a name that implees aggressiveness an determination.

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Precedit bi
Tlatoani o Tenochtitlan
Succeedit bi
Diego Velázquez Tlacotzin