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For ither uisses, see Cuauhtémoc (disambiguation).
11t Tlatoani o Tenochtitlan
Ruler o the Aztec Triple Alliance
Bust of Cuauhtémoc (Zócalo, Mexico City).jpg
Bust o Cuauhtémoc in el Zócalo, Mexico Ceety.
Reign 1520–1521
Predecessor Cuitlahuac
Successor Tlacotzin
Born Circa 1495
Died 28 Februar 1525 (aged 29–30)
Faither Ahuitzotl
Mither Tlilancapatl
Born Circa 1495
Died 28 Februar 1525 (aged 29–30)

Cuauhtémoc (Nahuatl pronunciation: [kʷaːʍˈtemoːk], Aboot this soond kwauˈtemok  kent as Cuauhtemotzin, Guatimozin or Guatemoc an aw; c. 1495) wis the 11t an feenal Aztec emperor, an the Aztec ruler (tlatoani) o Tenochtitlan frae 1520 tae 1521. The name Cuāuhtemōc means "Ane That Haes Descendit Like an Eagle", commonly rendered in Scots as "Descendin Eagle" as in the moment when a eagle faulds its wings an plummets doun tae strike its prey, so this is a name that implees aggressiveness an determination.

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Precedit bi
Tlatoani o Tenochtitlan
Succeedit bi
Diego Velázquez Tlacotzin