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(Reguidit frae Coronavirus disease 2019)
Coronavirus disease 2019
  • 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease
  • Novel coronavirus pneumonia[1]
  • Wuhan pneumonia[2][3][4][5]
SpecialtyInfectious diseases
SymptomsFiver, coch, shortness o braith[6]
ComplicationsPneumonie, ARDS, kidney failyie
Risk factorsNae takkin preventive meisurs
Diagnostic methodPCR testin, medical eemagin
PreventionCorrect haund washin technique, coch etiquette, avydin close contack wi seik fowk or subclinical cairiers
TreatmentSymptomatic an supportive
DaithsTemplate:Cases in 2019–20 coronavirus ootbrak (3 tae 4% o confirmed cases; lawer whan unconfirmed cases are includit)[7]

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused bi SARS-CoV-2,[8] a virus closely relatit tae the SARS virus.[9][10][11] It caused a pandemic fae the 11t o Mairch 2020 til the 5t o Mey 2023.


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