Coronation Street

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Coronation Street
Coronation Street Titles.png
Current teetle caird, in uise syne Mey 2010
Genre Soap opera
Creautit bi Tony Warren
Starnin Various
Present cast
Umwhile cast
Theme muisic componer Eric Spear
Appenin theme "Coronation Street theme"
Endin theme "Coronation Street theme"
Kintra o oreegin Unitit Kinrick
No. o episodes 9,451
Producer(s) Various
(currently Kate Oates)
Location(s) Granada Studios, Manchester (1960–2013)
MediaCity, Trafford Wharf, Manchester (2014–present)
Camera setup Videotape; Multiple-camera
Lenth 30 meenits
23–25 meenits
(excludin advertisements, wi occasional 60 meenit episodes)
Production company(s) Granada Television (1960–2006)
ITV Productions (2006–2009)
ITV Studios (2009–present)
Oreeginal network ITV
Pictur format 405-line Black-an-white
(4:3 SDTV, 1960–1969)
(4:3 SDTV, 1969–2001)
(16:9 SDTV, 2002–2010)
(16:9 HDTV, 2010–present)
Audio format Mono (1960–1990)
Stereo (1990–2010)
Dolby Surround (2010–present)
Oreeginal release 9 December 1960 (1960-12-09) – present
Related shaws Pardon the Expression
Turn Out the Lights
The Brothers McGregor
Albion Market
The Road to Coronation Street
The Corrie Years (2010)
Freemit airtins

Coronation Street (an aw informally referred tae as Corrie) is a Breetish saip opera creautit bi Granada Televeesion an shawn on ITV syne 9 December 1960.[1]

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