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Aviaticus clood
Boeing 777 with contrails.jpg
Ingine exhaust contrails
Genus Cirrus (curl of hair), cirrocumulus, or cirrostratus
Altitude 7,620 tae 12,192 m
(25,000 tae 40,000 ft)
Clessification Family A (Heich-level)
Appearance lang baunds
Precipitation clood? No

Contrails (/ˈkɒntrlz/; short for "condensation trails") or vapor trails are lang, thin airtifeecial cloods that sometimes form behind aircraft. Thair formation is maist eften triggered bi the watter vapor in the exhaust o aircraft ingines, but can an aa be triggered bi chynges in air pressure in weengtip vortices or in the air ower the entire weeng surface.[1] Contrails are made o watter in the form o a suspension o billions o liquid droplets or ice crystals.

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