Complete Savages

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Complete Savages
Genre Sitcom
Creatit bi Mike Scully
Julie Thacker
Starrin Keith Carradine
Andrew Eiden
Shaun Sipos
Erik von Detten
Evan Ellingson
Jason Dolley
Vincent Ventresca
Theme muisic composer Terry Adams
Joseph Interlande
Composer(s) Eric Speier
Kintra o oreegin Unitit States
Leid(s) Inglis
No. o series 1
No. o episodes 19 (Leet o episodes)
Executive producer(s) Bruce Davey
Mel Gibson
Mike Scully
Julie Thacker
Producer(s) Nancy Cotton
Lissa Levin
Editor(s) Robert Bramwell
Larry Harris
Cinematografie Chris La Fountaine
Runnin time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Nothing Can Go
Wrong Now Productions
Icon Productions
NBC Universal
Televeesion Studio
Oreeginal channel ABC
Oreeginal run 24 September 2004 (2004-09-24)
– Juin 17, 2005 (2005-06-17)

Complete Savajes is an American sitcon that wis bruadcast on ABC frae September 2004 tae Juin 2005. The shaw wis creatit bi Mike Scully an Julie Thacker. It wis cancelled efter its first saison due tae law rattins.

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