Communicate the Storms

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Communicate the Storms
Studio album LP by Cipher System
Released 9 September 2011 (Eurpoe)
11 October 2011 (North Americae)
Genre Melodic daith metal
Lenth 46:29
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Fredrik Nordström
Cipher System chronology
Central Tunnel Eight
(2004)Central Tunnel Eight2004
Communicate the Storms

Communicate the Storms is the seicont studio album bi the Swadish melodic daith metal baund, Cipher System.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aw tracks written bi Johan Eskilsson (muisic) an Henric Carlsson (leerics).

1."7 Inch Cut"4:26
2."Forget to Forgive"4:42
3."Communicate the Storms"4:45
4."God's Terminal"3:42
5."End My Path"3:49
7."The Stairway"5:28
8."A Lesson Learned"5:16
9."Project Life Collapse"3:56
10."The Failure Starts"5:32
11."The Universe on Hold" (bonus track) 

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Karl Obbel - lead vocals
  • Johan Eskilsson - guitar, clean vocals
  • Andeas Allenmark - guitar
  • Peter Engström - keybuirds
  • Henric Carlsson - bass
  • Emil Frisk - drums