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Colonia Ampliación Asturias

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Colonia Ampliación Asturias is a neebourheid in the Cuauhtémoc burgh o Mexico Ceety. It is locatit sootheast o the historic centre o Mexico Ceety. It borders are markit bi the follaein streets, tae the north Eje Tres Sur or Avenida Calzada del Chabacano, Calzada de la Viga tae the east, Calzada de San Antonio Abad tae the wast an Hernandez Davalos street tae the sooth.[1]

The oreegins o the neebourheid are based in the extension o neebourin Colonia Asturias. "Ampliación" means "amplification." Prior tae the 1940s, the aurie wis pastur an fermland, growin alfalfa an corn. The oreeginal Colonia Asturias is markit bi Calzada del Chabacano, umwhile kent as Calzada de San Estaban. This road wis extendit tae the La Viga aurie alang a canal that wis here. This canal, which passed the lenth o the current neebourheid, wis a important venue tae transport guids for sale an consumption, uisin wind or steam-pouered boats. This canal connectit wi anither cried La Esperanza, which connectit tae the canals that connectit the centre o Mexico Ceety to Chalco in the 19t hunderyear. Housomeivver, bi the end o the hunderyeras, droppin grundwatter tables dree'd up enough o the canals tae mak transport atween these twa entities impossible in this manner.[1]

The dryin o the aurie alloued for road construction an the creation o this colonia, alang wi the expansion o Asturias an the creation o Colonia Vista Alegre. Connectin thaim is Calazada de Chabacano, namit such for the lairge quantity o apricot (chabacano) trees that uised tae grow in the aurie.[2]

Ane o the main Metro stations servin the neeboirheid is Metro Chabacano, frae which pass Lines 2 an 8 which pass on the edges o the colonia.[2]


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