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Colonia Asturias

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Commercial Mexicana mercat whaur the fitbaa stadium uised tae be
Escuela de Participacion Social Numero 6

Colonia Asturias is a colonia or neebourheid in the Cuauhtémoc burgh, sooth o the historic centre o Mexico Ceety. It is a lawer-cless residential neebourheid, whose borders are shapit bi the follaein streets, Calles Hernánde y Dávales in the north, Viaducto Piedad in the sooth, Calzada de la Viga in the east an Calzaca San Antonio Abad in the wast.[1]

The neebourheid is namit efter the fitbaa stadium constructit in the aurie bi the Centro Asturiano de México, which existed on the corner o Calzada de Chabacano and José Antonio Torres Street. The field wis built in 1936 an haed a seatin capacity o 25,000 spectators, an wis the first major fitbaa field in the history o the ceety. The first gemme held here wis atween a Brazilian team an the Asturianos team. A publicity stunt for the event haed the baw for the gemme dropput ontae the field bi a airplane. This field nae langer exists an haes been the steid o a supermercat syne the 1970s.[1]

The oreegins o the neebourheid date frae 1905, when Iñigo Noriega proposed urbanizin wha wis then cried Colonia La Paz. Plans for the construction o hoosin subdiveesions wur appruivit bi the ceety in 1907, shapin streets an blocks, but it did no offeecially establish the admeenistrative diveesion o colonia. The project then stawed. In 1913, the Agrícola y Colonizadora Mexicana Company proposed a similar project, but this, an aw, ran intae problems. Bi 1920, thare wur hooses an blocks but anerly semi-organisit, wi hooses an ither properties encroachin on ither private properties an colonias. At this time, a lairge canal still ran throu the aurie. Tae the side o this canal, the Cuauhtémoc burgh decided tae build a lairge road tae the side it, which is Calzada de Chabacano. At this time, the La Piedad River on the sooth border wis still open, but the day it is encased entirely in a cement tube.[1]

The neebourheid haes three schuils. Twa are private:Centro de Educacion Especial y Rehabilitacion on Oriente Street an Colegio Americano Monarca on Ramon Fabie Street. Thare is ane public primar schuil, Escuela de Participacion Social Num 6 on Jose Antonio Torres Street.[2] This schuil is aboot 100 year auld. While authorities try tae conserve the biggin due tae its historic an airchitectural value, its deterioratit condeetion haes caused problems for schuil operations. Principal María Virginia Pérez statit in 2008, that major reconstruction wirk is needit, but the burgh haes no providit the needit monies. A nummer o local faimilies hae treed tae contribute, but the schuil serves a maistly underprivilegit commonty.[3]


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