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Hello, it is sillar, whilk is the real wird, nae siller. See Rabbie Burns far tae see the real wird! SILLAR! --Rabbie Barns 09:57, 2 Apryle 2010 (UTC)

Hi, acause Scots isnae a fully staundartised leid thare will aye be differs wi regairds spellin, whither thon's aboot gif it's the -nae versus -na or aw versus aa. As for siller/sillar, the Dictionar o the Scots Leid gies sillar as anither spellin but haes siller as the heidwird. We try tae gang wi the heid wird whaur e'er possible. (A find The Online Scots Translator loads o uiss) Scroggie 23:47, 5 Apryle 2010 (UTC)