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Five seconds ago there was a picture of Jacques Cartier hanging to the right and now it is gone. What happened. Nou Uiserr 17:59, 26 Mairch 2006 (UTC)

Ye maun hae haed a wee typin mishanter -- ye'd pitten in an "f" in the pictur's filename whaur it shuidna hiv been. Cheers -- Mendor 19:05, 26 Mairch 2006 (UTC)

Jacques Cartier On Wheels?[eedit soorce]

Why is there a redirect page named that? It makes no sense. OchAyeTheNoo 11:46, 13 Apryle 2007 (UTC)

Acause some numpty set up pages fir XXOnWheels a wee whilie back fir loads ae pages. Bazza 12:41, 13 Apryle 2007 (UTC)

oh, all right. Is there any point of keeping it then? OchAyeTheNoo 12:44, 13 Apryle 2007 (UTC)
I put a speedy delete tag on it, just in case. OchAyeTheNoo 12:46, 13 Apryle 2007 (UTC)