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A think we need tae decide on this: shuid we cry it Inglis or English? A think English, so's no tae be ower auld-farrant. Mendor 17:39, 5 Apryle 2006 (UTC)

Inglis is an aulder spellin that pits ower the aulder soondin ['ɪŋlɪs]. The modren soondin wad be ['ɪŋlz] as comes ower in faimlie an place names sic as Ingles or Inglis, Ingleston or Ingliston etc. A'v heard tell that aulder nor'land fowk uises it for the leid an aw.
A wad threap that Ingles wad be the modren spellin but seein it haes niver seemt tae hae been uised in tradeetional leeteratur it micht be wice tae caw canny an uise English.
I hope you can understand me... but I am quite sure you can. I speak English.. I never knew that the Scots dialect ever existed, and I am very interested in it. Anyway, call it "Inglis". In the English Wikipedia we call languages(leid) by their English names. Call leid by the Scots names.
Whit about "Inglis (English)" - it's whit we dae fer the ithir leids efter aw. - Duncan Sneddon no loggit in the nou.
Sounds good. I'm fine with it. - Nick

Callin it Inglis is an insult tae the uise o Inglis fer the leid o the lallans in tradeetion, in which it wis the reel name o the leid wat nou termed Scots or lallans. Lallans fowk are the same a the fowk o Northumberland and spoke the same Auld Inglis. Inglis is Scots. It shuid be uised bi fowk who spak real Inglis (eg. Scots) for Scots/Lallands and NIVER Standrad English.

(Calling it Inglis is an insult to the use of Inglis for the language of the lowlands in traditon, in which it was the real name of the leid now termed Scots or Lallans. Lallans folk are the same people as the Northumbrians and spoke the same Old English. Inglis is Scots it should thus only be used by folk who speak real Inglis (e.g. that of Lowland Scotland) for Scots/Lallans and NEVER Standard English.} -ExplorianCaptain.

Inglis is English[eedit soorce]

Interesting. But I see from the Dictionary of the Scots Language that 'Inglis' is just one of several alternative spellings of the word 'English' used in Scotland (and in England) in pre-dictionary days. It's a myth that Lowland Scots once used to call their language 'Inglis' - they always called it English, they just spelled it in various ways. Anglo-saxons colonised Bernicia in what is now the scottish lowlands in the 7th century and lowlanders have been speaking English ever since. There were no scots in the lowlands back then, their Kingdom of the Scots being in the north and west. Scotsfolk today speak English (including the several scots dialects) because they always have done.