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ok, im not being funny or anything, but is this actually a language? or just english in a very strong scottish accent?

Ah dinnae ken how ye're writin here an no a mair weel-kent pairt o the wiki, bit Ah'll gie ye an answer onyweys. Scots an Inglis is gey close leids. Bit thon's the case wi Norrowegian an Dens, wi Portuguese an Galithian, wi Irish an Scots Gaelic, wi Dutch an German an so on. Gin we hink o they leids as seperate, Ah dinnae see how no tae hink o Scots as seperate. Seperate, bit gey close, wi a muckle load ae shared wirds an historie.
An in future, Talk:Main_Page is mibbes a mair uisefu place tae ask quaistions. Bazza 08:33, 31 Mairch 2008 (UTC)[Replie]