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Cara Dillon

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Cara Dillon picter wi a hoose in the backgrund

Cara Dillon (born 21 Julie 1975 in Dungiven, Coonty Lunnonderry, Northren Ireland) is a fowk sangster frae Dungiven in Northren Irland. In the twa albums she haes pit oot up til nou (Cara Dillon an Sweet Liberty), she haes gien a wheen o auld Irish an Scots sangs, sic as Black is the Colour, Craigie Hill an Donald of Glencoe, a spleet-new gaun ower in her ain saft lilt.

Cara is mairit on Sam Lakeman (that's her producer forby). The couple live in Frome wi their three childer, twin sons (born 17 November 2006) an a dochter (born 12 October 2010).

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