Collogue:Apologetic apostrophe

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"In thir cases the'r nae direct Inglis pairin — the Inglis word is everybody — but the aa leuks tae be cognate wi Inglis all, sae is spelt a'. Bodie wad aften be spelt the Inglis wey, body, an aa"

A canna richt lift this. The aw in awbody is cognate wi English all.

Jimmy 22:13, 19 Julie 2005 (UTC)

Aye, A ken -- A think A wis juist gettin masel confuised aboot the best wey o sayin that *allbody isna an English word (thing is, A dinna consciously think o the word aabodie as haein the word "aa" in it -- mibbe cause A pronoonce aabodie wi an /a/ soond but aa as /ɑ/). Juist chynge it, cause ye ar o coorse richt an A think A'm juist fauchelt — Mendor 22:29, 19 Julie 2005 (UTC)