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Colchester United Football Club is an Inglis fitbaw club based in Colchester. The club wis formed in 1937, an briefly shared thair auld Layer Road hame wi nou defunct side Colchester Toun whae haed previously uised the grund frae 1910.

Colchester Unitit are perhaps maist famous for beatin Don Revie's Leeds Unitit 3–2 in the 5t roond o the FA Cup in 1971. Thair heichest ever league finish wis achieved in 2006–07, whan thay endit the saison in 10t place in the Championship, abune East Anglian rivals Ipswich Toun, Norwich Ceety an Soothend Unitit F.C. while haein the division's lawest attendance.

Colchester Unitit Ladies are a gey successfu pairt o the club, haein wan promotion tae the FA Women's Premier League Soothren Division in 2006–07.

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