Coat o airms o El Salvador

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Coats of arms of El Salvador.svg

The coat o airms o El Salvador haes been in uise in its current form syne 15 September 1912. Its center consists o a triangle, in which five volcanoes rise oot o the sea. They seembolize the five member states o the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae. Abuin the volcanoes is a red Phrygian cap on a staff afore a golden sun an the date 15 September 1821, Unthirldom Day o El Salvador. Ower it is a rainbow. Ahint the coat o airms there are five banners representin the banners o the Federal Republic o Central Americae raised. Unner it, there is a scroll which states the naitional motto o El Salvador: Dios, Unión, Libertad (Span., "God, Union, Liberty"). Aw o this is surroondit bi a laurel garland, which is tied thegither unner the naitional banner. The garland is dividit intae 14 different pairts, which seembolize the 14 Depairtaments, the Salvadoran subnaitional administrative units. Aw this is surroondit bi golden letters, which form the Spainyie wirds REPÚBLICA DE EL SALVADOR EN LA AMÉRICA CENTRAL (English: Republic o El Salvador in Central Americae).

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