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Coat of arms of Belize.svg

The Coat o Airms o Belize wis adoptit upon unthirldom, an is anerlie slichtly different frae the coat o airms uised when Belize wis a Breetish colony.

The circular border ofthe coat is formed bi twintie-five leaves. Athin the circle is a mahogany tree, in front o which is a shield tierced per pall invertit. Athin the shield are the tuils o a woodcutter in the upper sections an a ship in the lawer ane. These are seembolic o the importance o mahogany in the 18t an 19t century Belizean economy.

The shield is supportit bi twa wood-cutters o different races. The ane on the left is hauldin an axe, while the ane on the richt is hauldin an oar. Again the importance o the mahogany an its importance tae boat biggin are representit. At the bottom is the naitional motto: Sub Umbra Floreo (Unner the Shade A Flourish).

The banner o Belize features the coat o airms in its centre.

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