Co-operative Pairty

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The Co-operative Pairty
ChairpersonAnna Turley
General SecretarJoe Fortune
Foondit17 October 1917 (1917-10-17)
Heidquarters83 Crampton Street
London SE17 3BQ
Youth weengCo-operative Pairty Youth
Membership  (2017)Increase 11,021[1]
Poleetical poseetionCentre-left tae left-wing
Naitional affiliationLabour an Co-operative Pairty
Hoose o Commons
26 / 650
Hoose o Lairds
13 / 792
Lunnon Assembly
7 / 25
Local Cooncillors
1,500 / 20,565
Polis & Crime Commissioners
1 / 41
Scots Pairlament
7 / 129
Naitional Assembly fur Wales
11 / 60
Northren Ireland Assembly
0 / 90

The Co-operative Pairty is a centre-left poleetical pairty in the Unitit Kinrick supportin co-operative vailyies an principles. Estaiblisht in 1917, the Co-Operative Pairty wis foondit by Co-operative societies tae campaign poleetically fur the fairer treatment o co-operative enterpreese an tae elect 'co-operators' tae Pairlament. The pairty's ruits lie in the Pairlamentary Comatee o the Co-operative Union estaiblisht in 1881.

Syne 1927, the Co-operative Pairty haes haed an electoral pact wi the Labour Pairty, wi baith pairties greein no tae staund candidates foreanent ilk ither. Insteid, candidates chuised by members o baith pairties kemp elections uisin the description o Labour an Co-operative Pairty. The Co-operative Pairty is a legally separate entity fae the Labour Paorty, an is registered as a poleetical pairty wit the Electoral Commission. Co-operative Pairty members are no alloued tae be members of ony ither poleetical pairty in the UK apairt fae the Labour Pairty or Northren Ireland's Social Democratic an Labour Pairty (SDLP).

The Co-operative Pairty is belike the fowert-mucklist pairty in the Hoose o Commons wi 26 Members o Pairlament, awtho as aw o hits MPs sit in the Pairlamentary Labour Pairty, hit is no aften regairded as sic. Hit haes members in the Hoose o Lairds, the Scots Pairlament, the Welsh Assembly, the Lunnon Assembly an local govrenment an aw.

In keepin wi hits co-operative vailyies an principles, the Co-operative Pairty daesnae hae a leader. Insteid Anna Turley sers as Chair o the Naitional Executive Comatee, Joe Fortune as General Secretar, an Jim McMahon as Chair o the Co-operative Pairty Group o Pairlamentarians.

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

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