Clydesdale Bank

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Clydesdale Bank plc
Banca Dhail Chluaidh
IndustrieFinance an Insurance
HeidquartersSt Vincent Place, Glesga, Scotland
Key fowk
James Pettigrew (Chairman)
David Duffy (Chief Executive Officer)
ProductsFinancial services
Revenue£17.5 million (2007)
£194 million (pre annual 2008)
£139 million (pre annual 2008)
Tot assets£35.8bn (Mair 2014) [1]
Nummer o employees
c. 4,758 (2014)
ParentCYBG plc
SubsidiariesYorkshire Bank

Clydesdale Bank plc (Scots Gaelic: Banca Dhail Chluaidh) is a commercial bank in Scotland. It is one o the three Scots baunks with the richt tae prent baunk notes.

In 2015 Clydesdale Bank introduced polymer (plastic) bank notes as the first baunk in the Unitit Kinrick.[1]

In Juin 2018 it wis reported that Virgin Money UK owned bi Richard Branson will merge with Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank fir £1.7 billion poonds. Clydesdale Bank will have its buist disappear frae the public in favour o Virgin.[2]

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