Club Atlético Acassuso

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Full nameClub Atlético Acassuso
Nickname(s)Quemero, Suso
Foondit7 September 1922; 100 years ago (1922-09-07)
GroundEstadio La Quema, Boulogne Sur Mer,
San Isidro Partido, Greater Buenos Aires
Ground Capacity500
ChairmanJavier Marín
ManagerWalter Otta
LeaguePrimera B

Club Atlético Acassuso is an Argentine fitbaw club frae the Boulogne Sur Mer destrict o San Isidro Partido, Greater Buenos Aires. The squad currently plays in Primera B Metropolitana, the regionalisit third diveesion o the Argentine fitbaw league seestem.

The club obtained a place in the amateur Argentine Association Fitbaa league in 1932 acause mony o the major clubs haed left the league tae fuirm a breakawa profeesional league. Acassuso feenished 11t an 10t afore the league wis disbandit in 1934. That participation wis its anerly spell in the top diveesion o Argentine fitbaw.

In 2007 the club wis promotit tae Primera B Metropolitana efter winnin baith the Apertura 2006 an Clausura 2007 o Primera C.

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  1. The Asociación Amateurs de Football (AAm) wis a rival amateur association that organisit its awn toornaments frae 1919 tae 1926.

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