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Clinton Joseph Davisson
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Born 22 October 1881(1881-10-22)
Bloomington, Illinois, USA
Died 1 Februar 1958(1958-02-01) (aged 76)
Charlottesville, Virginie, USA
Naitionality Unitit States
Alma mater Varsity o Chicago (B.S., 1908)
Princeton Varsity (Ph.D, 1911)
Kent for Electron diffraction
Hauf-marrae(s) Charlotte Davisson
Awairds Comstock Prize in Pheesics (1928)[1]
Elliott Cresson Medal (1931)
Hughes Medal (1935)
Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1937)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Princeton Varsity
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Bell Labs
Doctoral advisor Owen Richardson
Influenced Joseph A. Becker
William Shockley

Clinton Joseph Davisson (October 22, 1881 – Februar 1, 1958), wis an American pheesicist wha wan the 1937 Nobel Prize in Pheesics for his discovery o electron diffraction in the famous Davisson-Germer experiment. Davisson shared the Nobel Prize wi George Paget Thomson, wha independently discovered electron diffraction at aboot the same time as Davisson.

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